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The Sustainable Food Story is doing a little bit of city escaping this winter as we head over the pond to visit Indonesia.

An amazing country with rich food and agricultural culture we are setting our to learn and draw inspiration from the country and it's people.

But have no fear we will be back in February for the Skip Gardens Seed Festival and a new year off food adventures!

Food wanderlust love,

Abi Aspen and Sadhbh

The Sustainable Food Story presents...

Vol. 8: 

'The Indonesia Chronicles'

All of January

This year has been quite the adventure for the TSFS team. Fresh back from Berlin, our 2017 finale finds us jumping back on the grain train all the way to London and into the Borough Market Cookhouse.

It may seem like a distant memory, Theresa May being naughty and running through a field of wheat, but The Sustainable Food Story haven’t forgotten. We’re still running through that field, planting, eating and totally nerding out as we go.

Come and join us in the Borough Market cookhouse for an intimate dining and storytelling experience with only 10 per sitting. Your sustainability food nerd hosts will take you on an adventure beyond your table, which lies so close to the kitchen you can smell the bread baking.

Grain-y love,

Abi Aspen and Sadhbh

The Sustainable Food Story presents...

Vol. 6: 

'Running Through A Field of Wheat (Take II)'

Sunday 26th November; 5pm & 7.30pm 

Monday 27th November; 6pm & 8.30pm

Borough Market Cookhouse, 8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL

©2017 by The Sustainable Food Story

The Sustainable Food Story team are heading over the pond! The team are uprooting from London for the weekend in order to bring some delcious food storytelling all the way to....Berlin!

Have no fear though, the guys will be make sure to bring all their forage adventuring, surplus utilizing, farmer befriending, storytelling enthusiam to Germany aiming to make new aquantances, learn new stories and chomp on lots of food along the way.

So for the Sunday morning in question think heraty hertiage cornmeal porridges, adornments of foraged fruit compotes, smokey slow cooked thyme infused beans and sourdough flatbreads milled to order. In season Bloody Mary's or fresh herb tea.

Plus a few secret interactive elements that will keep you on your toes. Berlin, are you ready? :)

The Sustainable Food Story presents...

"Vol. 5: 

'Brunching in Berlin'

Sunday 22nd October; 9am & 12pm

Hermann's, Berlin, Torstrasse 118 10119

The Sustainable Food Story is teaming up with the fabulous Old Tree Brewery and Wakhurst Place/Kew Gardens for 2 days of tasty food, delicious drinks, outdoor exploration and celebrating the great British autumn.

We will be serving up a warming apple cider spelt-otto laden with seasonal veg, crispy garlic and parsley mushroom skewers and drizzled lightly with a decadent blue cheese sauce. Then Old Tree will be pairing the dish with their amazing botanical drinks with this to really tantalize your tastebuds.

For the rest of the day make sure you check out the apple pressing, home medicines brewing in the apothecary, natural material dying and gin making workshops, and that's just a taster of what to expect!

The Sustainable Food Story presents...

"Vol. 4: 

''Bountiful Botanics'

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October; 10am - 6pm

Wakeurstt Place, Ardingly, Haywards Heath RH17 6TN

The Sustainable Food Story presents...

"Vol. 3: 

The Super Chilled Autumn 'Crunch"

Sunday 1st October; 11am - 3pm

The Skip Garden, Kings Cross, London

The Sustainable Food Story are BACK from a summer of festival frolicking to bring you an Autumn Sunday ‘crunch’ like no other. 

The last couple of months we have been around the block. Cooking with offal, testing micronutrients, chomping on future foods however have come right back to our roots, grain is the name of our game. 

So sit back with your Jamaican sugared heritage cornmeal porridge adorned with scrumped autumnal fruit compotes and tuck into slices of heritage house sourdough lathered in butter and topped with thyme infused homemade baked bean; rummage through our old recipe books to gather foodie inspiration; try your hand at fresh milling and explore the passion of our producers and friends. 


Sustainable Sunday's have never tasted so good...

Abi Aspen & Sadhbh

Warning!: We controversially announce that no avocados will be halved in the marking of this brunch. Curious? Come and find out why...


Let's set the scene. It's the year 2050 and there's been an outbreak of a terrible virus which has turned the whole crop population of the UK into inedible mutant flowers, except in London. The city has barred the doors, locked itself in and it's safe, for the moment.

But this is serious stuff. Every day London imports food from outside the city limits. Fruit and veg; grains; meats and more. What do we do when this supply stops? 

In conjunction with Sustain's 'Urban Food Fortnight' join The Sustainable Food Story who will take you on a journey to explore London's urban growing scene in all it's glory. 

Herbs from skips, fruit from roofs, veg from underground, honey from community gardens and eggs from a back-yard. There are so many hidden growing communities in London, and it's our job to bring them to dinner.

Can we feed london in a food-pocalypse? Lets find out...

The Sustainable Food Story presents...

Vol. 2:

"Feeding London in a Food-Pocalypse"

Wednesday 13th September; 7pm

The Skip Garden, Kings Cross, London

The Sustainable Food Story presents...

"Running Through A Field of Wheat"

Sunday 30th & Monday 31st July 2017; 7pm

The Skip Garden, Kings Cross, London

What happens when you lock a laboratory meat scientist turned farmer, an eco-chef and a 26 Grains chef in a room? They cook up a grain storm, that’s what!
When we chat about grain you might consider us a little boring. You might think of flour, that white loaf of bread, that limp bowl of pasta or Theresa May being naughty and running through a field of wheat.
You might even have heard about the vast monocultures they often grow in and the quantities fed to animals.
But what if 3 young ladies took you on a journey through the diversity of grain. The ancient wheats, the delicate flavours, how nourishing each one can be.
We ask, “how can grains be part of a healthy, delicious and environmentally conscious way of eating?”
Come and join us for a 4 course tasting menu where heritage grains lie at the heart. Together we look back into their history, what’s occurring at present and what the future may hold in an immersive evening of storytelling teamed with a host of unique ingredients sourced for their narrative, seasonality and sustainability.

Grain-y love,

Abi Aspen and Sadhbh

Ellie Tue, 1 Aug 2017

Amazing evening! The setting was really gorgeous and perfect for the nature of the evening. The food was so delicious and it was wonderful to learn more about grains, and speak directly to the women about their experience with food, science and the food industry. We were so satisfied from the meal - even our carnivore friends were in heaven. It was a nice touch to learn about the source of all the ingredients, as the women must work incredibly hard to know where everything comes from. Highly recommended!

Kenneth Tue, 1 Aug 2017
Exceptional food and service from Aspen and Saibh.... truly next level, and such an inspiration.

N Mon, 31 Jul 2017
This evening was both delicious and fascinating. The Skip Garden is a lovely place to visit, company good fun and every course was yummy and beautifully presented.

The Sustainable Food Story presents...

"What a bloody offal waste"

Saturday 26th August, 12.00pm - 12.45pm

The Garden o' Feeden, Shambala Festival

Shambala is known as being one of the most environmentally conscious festivals in town. Charging for cups, recycling and since last year vegetarian. 

However not content with stagnating the festival always asks the deeper questions, and has teamed up with The Sustainable Food Story to talk about something that sometimes gives people the heebie jeebies, offal, and in particular blood.


Massive by product? Delicious source of protein? Let's taste our way through a discussion on offal, waste and sustainable food sourcing. 

“Friends don't let friends eat white bread”

- Sarah, Blue Hill Bakery -
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