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“Diversity in grains is key for a sustainable food future,” says scientist Abi Glencross, who wants more people to eat older, genetically diverse crops. “Look at the Irish Potato Famine. That’s a prime example of a severe lack of diversity."

Some people bring back novelty magnets from their holidays, others go for postcards or those weird shot glasses you can only find in tacky gift shops. But for scientist Abi Glencross and chef Sadhbh Moore, seeds are the only souvenir worth returning from a trip with. And when I visit the grain-obsessed pair at the Skip Garden Kitchen in London's Kings Cross, they've got a bounty to show off.........

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Here’s what happens when a lab-grown meat scientist turned farmer and Skip Garden’s eco-chef do the cooking. Welcome to a supper club like no other.

When farmer and scientist, Abi Aspen Glencross, and eco-chef Sadhbh Moore met over a shared interest for future food and farming, it was only a matter of time before an experimental supper club was born. We talk to them about pushing the boundaries of provenance beyond ‘farm-to-fork’ and seeking inspiration in heritage grains, lab-grown meat, foraging and even blood, in anticipation of their upcoming Sustainable Food Story at Borough Market...

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"We’ve got a chef coming over from Berlin who’s going to make cornbread from an old recipe of his grandmother’s, with an aioli dip made using vegetable scraps which he’s smoked and infused with oil. For the main we’ve got croquettes made with einkorn, sage and carrots from the farm, and einkorn sourdough bread.


For dessert, we’ve got Mexican marigold, seaweed and London honey panna cotta, using cream from pasture fed livestock so we can talk about how we shouldn’t be feeding grains to animals, we should be feeding them to people.


Then we’ve got a variety of foraged fruit compotes with a cracker crumb and toasted oat granola, and blood macaron kisses—controversial, but delicious."

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