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The Sustainable Food Story presents...

Vol. 8: 

'The Pizza Par-tay'

Saturday 3rd February

The Skip Garden King's Cross

TSFS are teaming up with Global Generation’s The Skip Garden for the Seeds Festival!

Fresh back from their travels in Indonesia, the TSFA duo are keen to share all they’ve learnt in the form of delicious pizza with a good glug of their fave grain based! 

Come visit the garden in the day to make your own pizza dough and take part in other seed based workshop, or grab a beer and pizza ticket and pop down to King’s Cross as the sun sets to enjoy a evening with toasty fires, seasonally topped seeded pizzas, the cosy yurt and chums.


Example Menu:


- Einkorn sourdough 
- Hodmedods Organic pea and crusoe
- Spelt 


- Squash passata 
- Roasted beets and goats cheese
- Root veg medley
- 'Cheesy Odds and ends' margarita 
- Carrot and charred leek
- Cheese, sage, fennel
- Sprouted grains 

- Vanilla creme, London honeymoon, preserved fruit compotes 
- Burnt blood orange, ricotta

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